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Real Estate Problem Management 3 Clock Hours

Real Estate Problem Management 3 Clock Hours


This 3 clock hour credit course discusses some of the common issues which have occurred with past licensees and suggested actions which may protect brokers, managing brokers and your firm. Different situations will require you to know the boundaries of your responsibilities to your clients, your managing broker and the State Department of Real Estate Licensing.

Examples are shown to enable brokers to consider their actions should they find themselves in a similar situation in a transaction. In preparation for escalation between brokers or clients, the course offers insight on how to resolve issues and avoid legal liabilities to brokers and their firms.

Awareness of the laws and consequences for violating the laws are essential to survival as a Real Estate Broker in various capacities when working with clients. 

 Topics Covered in Real Estate Problem Management are:

  • When things go wrong
    • Inter-office communications 
  • Levels of responsibilities
    • Red flags
    • Avoiding miscommunication 
  • Common errors in daily practices
    • Seller's disclosure form 
    • Listing agent's responsibilities
    • Disciplinary actions for erroneous disclosures 
  • Issues with title issues and escrow
    • Discrepancies in documents and physical features
    • Mechanics and material-men's liens
  • Safe business practices
    • Handling inspection deal breakers
    • Management of transaction files 
    • Earnest money deposits
  • Licensees requirements
    • Course equipment
    • Errors and Omissions Insurance

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